Meet Roslyn

Roslyn Gervin
About Me!

Well hey everyone, such a pleasure to have you find me here on my little space of the internet.  If you are on this page then perhaps you are considering, am the right photographer for you.  

I started my photography career almost fifteen years ago, learning on an old school film camera.  Over the years of this journey I have continually improved and refined my gift to what you see today, an enthusiastic, cheerleader and supporter of everyone who takes that first step of jumping in front of my camera.  I get it!  Taking pictures can be intimidating and we are often the most critical of ourselves.

My job isn't just "to take pictures".  My job is to help you see all the greatness that God has created in you.   By listening to your needs, passion and goals I gain an understanding of you as an individual, family or business which allows me to infuse into every session unique elements of your personality and/or brand that tells your story.

Are we a good fit:

Do you love being supported? 

Do you need a cheerleader to help you present your best self?

Do you want to work with someone who will make your photography experience fun, not stressful?

Are you someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously, loving your strengths and your flaws?

Do you radiate positivity and want to show up as authentic as possible in life, and thus your images? 

Bonus points if you love Golden Girls and French Fries!

​If mainly “YES”!!!!!  Then we are a great fit and let's chat!

Roslyn Gervin