Five Great Ways to Use Your Brand Photos!

One of the details I often find myself helping clients with, is, how do I use all of these great photos! For my entrepreneurs and online influencer friends, you are going to want to bookmark this blog as I give you my top 5 ways to use your branding images.

1. Your Site / Blog

Use branding photos on your website to introduce yourself to the target audience you are hoping to reach. They want to see who you are right away! This sets the context and establishes credibility for everything else they see on the site. Your face is what builds trust!

2. Your Social

Social media is first about “stopping the scroll.” Before you get someone to engage with your content, you must capture their attention. Social media is a great place to use shots that may have a more silly, casual or dramatic personality. When you're laughing, leaning, looking—give your social media followers something to be curious about!

3. Your Email List

What? You don't have an email list? (We will talk about that on a separate blog that I’ll link to here as soon as it’s live!) For those of you who serve an email community, create fresh inbox moments for your subscribers with beautiful photos of you doing what you do best. Photos can be great inspiration for topics to cover. Have one at your laptop? Share your favorite digital tools. Have a photo outside wearing business casual? Talk about the importance of taking a break during your work day, or the value of fresh air for the brain. Get creative!

4. Your Business Card

Yes, people still DO use these. You are the core of your brand, so spice up your cards with that face of yours! This creates a more memorable experience for people, and solidifies "who" you are along with "what" you do.

5. Digital Products

Make your E-books, PDFs, or courses more personable with images of you that relate with the topic or even the emotion of the product. Adding this personal touch distinguishes you from any other download someone grabs from a Google search. Make your products unique to YOU!

This is definitely not an exhaustive list, however consider this your checklist to get the ball rolling. I'd love to see how you are using your photos! Drop a comment in the comments section letting me know how I can follow you!

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