Location! Location! Location!

WHERE your photo session takes place is a vital part of the planning process for SO many reasons! The best outfits, makeup and pose plan mean nothing if the location is “off.” 😬 How do we pick your spot? So glad you asked…

Environments have personality!


Here are a few quick ways that I make sure the location we pick for you, is right for YOU and what YOU are trying to capture. Use this as a helpful tip, even if you are not working with me as your photographer.

What's the “feel” you're wanting? I could go on and on about this topic! I work to be sure the mood and style of the location fit your desires. During your Discovery Call I learn more about you, and what style you are trying to capture in your photos. This information me to narrow down and offer some great locations that will help achieve the look you are envisioning. I pair this with a questionnaire sent after booking to really help hone in on a shooting plan that is unique for you!

How feasible is it to use to the location? While some locations may look great, they may not make a great photography location for a few reasons. Do we have permission to be there? (No trespassing charges on my watch!) How accessible is it? I make sure that getting there is easy and doesn't add any unnecessary stress to your session. Will there be a lot of crowds to maneuver around, possibly making you uncomfortable or distracted? Are there places to change clothes if your shoot plan includes multiple outfits?

Are there Availability and Cost Considerations? Particularly in this post Covid world; I want to know are gathering and social distancing requirements going to impact our ability to maneuver around the space. Are there reservations required? Are there fees associated with using the space? All of these things can have an impact on your shoot, so you will want to make sure you plan ahead!

There are also several DONTs that are important to consider:


I DON'T ever assume it's okay for me to shoot somewhere. Trust that I have done my due diligence and believe in permission vs. forgiveness. Nothing speaks to your professionalism more than trying to duck and dodge and "steal" a photo because photographing in that space is prohibited. In the photo below for Melissa, an amazing makeup artist! Shooting at a makeup store was such a logical choice for her vision; so days beforehand I talked with the manages, received the necessary permissions and any limitations they needed me to follow, so on shoot day there were no surprises, and we were welcomed!

I DON'T try to make my favorite locations fit my client, if they just don't work. While I do have my favorites, your shoot is about YOU! I am always excited to try a new location based on a client's recommendation.

I DON'T show up to a location having never scouted it first. It's important for me to see the location and develop a level of comfort beforehand. Scouting the location in advance allows me to guide you with confidence and ease. In the photo below for Melissa, an amazing makeup artist! Shooting at a makeup store was such a logical choice for her vision; so days beforehand I talked with the manages, received the necessary clearance

With the right approach, any location can be the perfect location.


A recent client shared what she learned about her photography location, a space she had visited many times before! But Kendra explained that when seeing her location for purposes of being photographed, she saw things differently.

"I remember telling Roslyn that I saw Granby St. a totally different way. I had a better appreciation for the colors, the buildings, the details of the angles from pedestrian crosswalks to the different hues of pastels. Literally wowed by the beauty of people, food, and so much more." Yes, girl!

This was just a little bit of insight into the many considerations given to the location we chose for your photoshoot. Through the discovery process we dive even deeper and find that place that is perfect for you!

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