Photo Anxiety-All the nerves I felt on my OWN photoshoot!

How does someone who is such a cheerleader for others, have LEGIT anxiety about their own photoshoot! I hope you have a few minutes to read all about it!

My friend Patti and I had planned to trade photoshoots, over a year ago. Life happens and after a series of reschedules and unexpected conflicts, I finally had gotten to the end of my excuses. See, I realized a part of me was hoping that things would continue to get in the way of having my pictures taken. I think Patti sensed it too, because after a while she kept pressing, not taking "no" for an answer.

So the day finally came! I had not given myself the quality time needed to prepare myself for the shoot so there were so many things I was nervous about:

What do I wear; what do I bring; what about my makeup, so many things! Had I planned better, a lot of that nervous energy would have taken care of itself-I would have felt so much more prepared. It really felt like I was just "winging" it and I decided I didn't like how that felt.

I had so many thoughts running through my mind, mainly the thoughts that said I wasn't photo ready. Will Patti expect me to have it all together, because after all I do this for other people, so if anyone should come ready to "bring it"; it should be me! The awkward truth is however, I felt overwhelmed and so self conscious that I would have paid money to make it rain!

The afternoon was so hectic, and no matter how many things I tried, Patti was not budging, and she was not letting me back out! I did finally decide to just be honest with her and tell her how nervous I was, even if I couldn't put my finger on specifically why. I told her how I was badly I wanted to back out of the arrangement. I am so glad that I was honest with her because it allowed her to give me the encouragement I needed! Can you relate to this feeling!

I finally made it to the shoot location and slowly the anxiety starting melting away. Sometimes it takes making that first scary step, to see that all of your worry is over nothing. We started shooting, talking and laughing and all of a sudden I found myself, "myself" again! Patti and I were learning and exchanging best practices between each other, and that put me at so much ease, getting to talk about things I was passionate about, put me at ease and I was able to relax and enjoy the shoot.

And now looking back at the photos and the experience overall, I would tell the nervous Roslyn these things:

Get out of your own way! I worked up so much unnecessary anxiety about the shoot!

Believe in your OWN message. How many times had I told my clients; there is nothing to be scared of; you are going to do great; you will see how fun this really can be! I was placed in a position where I actually had to believe my own message!

It's time to show up in your business, even if that means doing the hard things. I knew I NEEDED branding images. What kind of branding photographer doesn't have their own branding images! So guess what! No more excuses, let's get it done!!!!! And I am so glad I did!

Read about how I plan to use these photos in one of my earlier blogs:

A special shout out to Patty photographer and marketing design professional with Fringe Creative who took these fantastic photos, follow her here: #collabowithpattyb 👩🏽‍💻 ( • Instagram photos and videos

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